May 2021 - Addiscombe Osteopathic Practice

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May 2021

          What to expect when visiting the Osteopath during Covid-19.

• We are required to provide ventilation by having the windows open a little, radiators are allowed but not electric fan heaters/air coolers.  We are unable to provide a blanket covering for warmth or privacy. Guidelines state you can bring freshly laundered towel/shorts and vest type top.
• We don’t have a drinking water tap in the treatment room please bring your own if you think you might need a drink.
• We ask you to come in alone (or explain to the receptionist if you have special needs).
• Please do not arrive early for your appointment and wait in your car. (if not arriving by car please let reception know and we will try and adapt to your needs)
• Your Osteopath will be wearing PPE, she will let you know when she is ready. Please leave unnecessary items in the car. To reduce the risk of bringing infection into the Practice, please leave visiting the local shops until after your appointment.
• Wearing mask is required during your visit.  Your Osteopath will ask how you are and take your temperature with a non-contact infrared thermometer.
• Please wash/sanitise your hands when you enter the treatment room.

We will not be treating you if there is the slightest suspicion that either the Osteopath or you have Covid-19 symptoms. Certain face to face techniques
will be avoided. You must understand that it is impossible to completely remove the risk of infection from the time your leave your home, getting deliveries and having treatment. Even if you have been vaccinated you are not 100% protected. Your practitioner also recognises that they may pick up the virus from you. We ask you to work with us to do your best to keep you and Sharon safe.

Please cancel your appointment if on the morning of your appointment you are unwell. There will be no cancellation fee charged.

There is Legal requirement for you to sign declaration and consent to treatment at each visit.         

There will be an appropriate gap after each patient to allow for PPE change,
disposal and disinfectant of treatment room.  Please leave promptly as cleaning can’t be started until you have left, we need time for the process and drying time before the next patient.
Payment of fees No cheques please card payments are preferable. Consultation £55 follow ups £50.  No change will be given for cash payments. The cash will be placed in an envelope and sealed for a period of isolation. We will credit your account with any over payment.
    Rebooking appointments will be done remotely.  
     Please text Mobile 07850 537 167   or 020 8656 9573 answerphones available.   
     If you have any questions telephone the above number.

Please email requesting an appointment.

We are unable to offer treatment for babies and young children at this time due to the Practice structure for safely.
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